Software Developer
& UI/UX Designer
  • 🍕 Based in Italy
  • 🎂 25 years old
  • ⚒️ Currently studying & working as a freelance developer
  • 🚀 Passionate about technology, UX and open source
💻 2017-2020
Computer Science
University of Trento
🧠 2021-2024
Human-Computer Interaction
University of Trento
Fun facts
I listened to 'Walking on a dream' by the Empire of the Sun 777 times in 2021 alone
I didn't like web development until I graduated from my computer science bachelor
I keep a list of 500+ movies that I have to see
The 'C' icon of this website is turned by 22 degrees because that is my lucky number ;)
I can make original dad jokes 😎
When I was 4 I looked down at my newborn sister and asked my mom if I could marry her when I grew up
I used to build desktop applications to create team compositions in League of Legends and share them with my friends
During middle school I wrote down all the funny things our math professor said during class. I gave her a 'book' with all the quotes at the end of the third year, when she also retired
The first person I did a website for had contacted me after seeing an Instagram story I made where a 'Cow in ASCII codes' was reading my logs (CowSay)
When working as an employer, I asked my boss to buy new types of coffee for the office ☕. Everyone enjoyed them!
How to reach me
P.IVA: 04416380246